January 10, 2017

8 Signs You Are Deficient In Vitamin C

Vitamin C also called as Ascorbic Acid and is water-soluble vitamins. Some of the benefits of vitamin C is needed in the daily health. Especially for pregnant women, vitamin C can help the fetus grow well and make the fetal lungs develop properly.

But it must be remembered that taking vitamin C should be carefully and recommended dosage. If the excess vitamin C is also not good for your health. And some people with certain conditions is not recommended to take vitamin C with high dosage. But the lack of vitamin C could also lead to health problems.

So what happens if you are deficient in vitamin C?


Anemia is a disease in which the body is deficient in red blood cells. Red blood cells are counted in the amount of hemoglobin. Usually, occurs in women during menstruation or during pregnancy. To handle usually by consuming foods that contain iron, along with vitamin C. Because vitamin C is beneficial to facilitate the absorption of iron.

2. Internal Bleeding (hemorrhages)

Bleeding usually occurs on the eyelid, eye retina, and allows for results in cataracts. When a deficiency of vitamin C, the blood vessels around the eyes will be on the hard softened, causing bleeding inside. Vitamin C is functioning within soften blood vessels, as well as maintaining the existing cells, and protect the eyes from oxidation. So that the eyes are not prone to internal bleeding disease.

3. Damage to the heart tissue

The heart also becomes stronger with regular consumption of vitamin C. When vitamin C is reduced, then the arrangement of the cells in the blood vessels were damaged. The damage eventually occurred in the heart's walls. Damaged cells will be filled by cholesterol and heart disease can occur for many cholesterols charged on these damaged cells. So that any weakening of the heart muscle.

Consuming vitamin C will nourish the heart muscle that consists of a network of blood vessels and stimulating cholesterol is excreted through the bile acids.

4. Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)

Gingivitis usually stems from the plaque that settles and becomes tartar. As a result of the use of dental floss. Then the tartar leads to bleeding gums. Moreover, lack of vitamin C causes inflammation of the gums that bleed easily occurs. Inflamed gums are gums will appear redder than other gums, gums also swelling, bleeding, and pain when touched.

5. The bones become less stable

Vitamin C deficiency can also result in changes to the cartilage that support the usual bone. Although calcium is also capable of bone formation to be stable, but the lack of vitamin C can affect diseases that attack the bone. With a lack of vitamin C, then the relationship between body tissues, especially between the bones so disturbed.

6. Decreased ability to fight infection

The human immune system can also be decreased as a result of vitamin C deficiency. So that the infection of the bacteria and viruses that enter the body can not be resisted. As a person with the flu is a form the body can not fight off infection from outside the body.

7. The reduction of wound healing

Vitamin C plays a role in the formation of collagen. Collagen is strong fibers that are required in each body. Collagen tissue helps the body in healing wounds. Because collagen is also present in blood vessels.

8. Skin dry, rough, and scaly

Dry skin can also occur as a result of vitamin C deficiency. At the time of dry skin, of the body is not fit or tired. For example, when scratching nails to the skin will appear white streaks, it signifies that the skin is dry. Or on the sidelines of the toes visible wrinkles, then it is very likely you are deficient in vitamin C.

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