November 23, 2016

5 Types Of Tea Could Be Option To Enjoy The Perfect Day

Drink a cup of tea in the afternoon is a way to enjoy the day perfectly. The tradition know as "high tea", we have performed the nobility in Japan to the UK since the first. This tradition is certainly very reasonable because of the Power of Tea. Did you know that to produce 1 pound best quality tea is needed more than 80,000 excerpts?

5 Types Of Tea Could Be Option To Enjoy The Perfect Day

The following 5 types of tea can be your choice to enjoy a day with perfect


This tea is referred to as "gods" because the tea leaf takes from the best of every tree, which is then processed without undergoing the fermentation process. As a result, white tea has the highest catechin content. When it was served, white tea has a pale yellow color with a delicate aroma and fresh. To get the best sources of antioxidants, start to consume white tea.


The popularity of green tea as an antioxidant has indeed been proven. To maintain health benefits, purity, and the active compound of fresh tea leaves needed to be extra careful handling. Green tea is believed to prevent and reduce high blood pressure, bad cholesterol (LDL), the risk of stroke and smooth the skin.


In the manufacture of Oolong tea, the fermentation process is stopped in the midst between green tea and black tea. Best oolong tea production of the region, Fujian. This tea has a bitter taste but left a little sweetness when drunk. Research shows that oolong tea is effective to control cholesterol levels and help lower blood sugar levels.


Black tea is a type of tea most widely consumed because it is believed to improve concentration and can prevent drowsiness. The fermentation process takes place is full, which causes tea leaves to change into a darker and gives a distinctive flavor.


Although the so-called "tea", actually herbal teas do not contain leaves of the tea plant. Herbal teas which can treat a variety of diseases usually brewed with hot water to get a drink fragrant. Examples of the herbal tea are Peppermint Tea, Rosemary Tea, Lavender Tea, or Chamomile Tea.

Choose your favorite tea, and here are tips on how to enjoy a cup of tea without losing benefits

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