September 16, 2016

The Fact Of Soursop Benefits For Cancer And Diabetes

Soursop (Annona Muricata L) is a fruit that may rarely interested people. But do yo know? Evidently, Soursop has a million benefits for health. And one of the soursop benefits is to cure the Cancer.

The Fact Of Soursop Benefits For Cancer And Diabetes

Soursop benefits as Anti-Cancer

Soursop plant parts, including leaves and fruit, contain compounds that are very helpful. Such as fructose, fat, calcium, protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A and B. But there was one soursop compound that attracted the attention of researchers, namely Acetogenin.

Acetogenin is a compound that is in the plant Annonaceae tribe, whose properties closely associated with the anti-tumor activity, anti-cancer, and insecticides. Many Scientific studies have been done in connection with the anti-tumor activity of the soursop leaf, and the results are evident.

Research has also been conducted to study any type of cancer cell that can be treated by the compound Acetogenin contained in soursop. Some cancer cells like cancer cells in the colon, pancreas, ovarian, breast, cervical, and liver.

The research on this is still to be long done. However, the results had given by the Researchers could certainly be used as information for those who are looking for natural resources to cure cancer.

Even so, certainly the way to cancer prevention is better than cure done. And soursop is also known to have Antioxidants that are beneficial in preventing cancer. It is known that the activity of antioxidants is to protect healthy body cells against free radicals that can cause cancer.

Soursop benefits for Diabetes

After the investigation, it turns out soursop can control the rise in blood sugar or diabetes. This type of research to prove efficacy as an anti-diabetic is quite varied so that the mechanism works slowly began to be disclosed.

And the results of this study strongly supports the use of soursop as an anti-diabetic. This is evidenced by research results in the soursop leaves are on the regeneration effect on pancreatic islet cells in experiments with mice. From these results give hope that the use soursop leaf extract can improve the function of insulin-producing glands as required diabetic.

Soursop leaf

Soursop leaves can also be used as a medicine to cure cancer. Results from the study showed that the leaves of the soursop contain Anopentosin A, Anopentosin B, Anopentosin C, Murikatosin acetogenin A, Mutikatosin B, Murikapentosin, and Anomurisine E.

Acetogenin in soursop is to fight more than 12 kinds of cancer, such as lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other cancers. In addition to fighting cancer, soursop leaf is also believed to have other benefits, such as boosting the immune system, strengthen the stamina, and vitality.

Benefits of soursop leaves as anti-cancer properties have been investigated and analyzed by pharmacists in North America in mild 1976. And based on the results of the study, found the working of anti-cancer substances in plants soursop 10,000 times more powerful in killing and slows cell growth natural cancer compared to cancer drugs used in chemotherapy.

How to use the soursop leaves as a natural remedy :

  1. Take 10 of the old soursop leaves.

  2. Add 3 cups of water and boil until the remaining 1 cup.

  3. Drink the water soursop leaf decoction 2 times a day, for 2 weeks.

Besides, scientific discoveries have strengthened the use of fruit and soursop leaves are used to treat health problems caused by lifestyle. But of course expected consumer vigilance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so as not to experience health problems were severe.

Therefore, the most damage will be difficult to treat in a small way like this, and need more complex treatment methods. The more complex of the disease it will also be more complex how to treat it.

How to take advantage of the soursop fruit for a natural remedy :

  1. Take soursop fruit and remove the seeds.

  2. Puree it and could also make a soursop juice.

  3. Add sugar or honey to reduce the sour taste.


  1. For diabetic sufferer, it is not advisable to add sugar or honey to the soursop juice.

  2. For people suffering from disorders of the stomach, it is not advisable to consume soursop on an empty stomach. Should eat first before taking soursop.

  3. Pregnant and lactating women should not consume soursop leaves. But still allowed to eat the soursop fruit in moderation.

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