September 03, 2016

Benefits Of Ginger For Various Diseases

Many people know about the Ginger and often used for various cooking need. But not everyone knows that the real benefits of ginger.

Ginger, a spice that is often used as an ingredient in cooking, in traditional medicine, and a mixture of herbal beverages that has a distinctive aroma and spicy flavors. Not only useful as a flavoring and drinks only, but turn out the ginger plant has many benefits for health.

Benefits Of Ginger For Various Diseases

Ginger plant in Latin is Zingiber officinale, had been used as a natural treatment for centuries years ago. Ginger was estimated to come from India and had taken as the spice trade to Southeast Asia, Japan, China, to the Middle East. And in the last decade, that commodity is very popular in Europe.

Benefits of Ginger for various diseases

1. Prevent the growth of cancer cells

Based on a study conducted at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, note that the flour ginger is very effective in killing cancer cells found in the ovary. So, Ginger had believed able to prevent ovarian cancer.

Not only that, according to a study at the University of Minnesota, Ginger is not only effective in killing cancer cells, but ginger can also slow the growth of colorectal cancer (colon).

2. Relieve menstrual pain

In the system of Chinese medicine, ginger is also used to treat pain during menstruation, as well as disorders of the stomach heartburn. It is usually consumed with how brewed tea together.

3. Prevent and treat travel sickness

Ginger could be used as a companion to drink while you are traveling, or for you who often have travel sickness. Ginger has two digestive enzyme, that breaks down proteins to functional protease, and Lipase which functions break down fat. Both the enzyme are very important in helping the body digest food.

4. Reduce pain in diabetics

In a study, has conducted experiments on mice suffering from diabetes. And found that mice fed a meal of ginger, decrease pain due to diabetes. So it had concluded that ginger also has benefits in preventing pain due to diabetes.

5. Ginger tea for stomach health

The health of the stomach would be impaired if it is often too late to eat. Other gastric disorders like nausea, travel sickness, bloating, nausea and vomiting after surgery, and lost appetite.

All these symptoms could be cured by ginger. If the ginger consumed on a regular basis, will be greatly felt its benefits. To get the benefits of ginger, can consume tea with ginger mixture.

6. Prevent heart attack, stroke, and cholesterol

Efficacy and other benefits of ginger are as a deterrent of stroke and heart attack. This because the ginger has bioactive components or to prevent blood clotting, which is the main cause of strokes and heart attacks. The benefits of gingerol in ginger estimated also help lower cholesterol levels.

7. Ginger as an anti knee pain

For women and men who has a lot of activity, surely requires more energy to move. But sometimes the body is experiencing problems, such as joint pain, especially when age is growing old.

Joint pain usually is often at the knee, especially when a woman enters menopause. But it doesn't cover the possibility of joint pain also experienced by young women. To reduce the joint pain, you can use ginger. Ginger is rich in compounds that are able to reduce nausea and inflammation. The experts believe, that ginger works to the stomach, intestines, brain, and nervous system.

Knee pain (osteoarthritis), due to decreased or loss of lubricant on the knee joint. Heavy or light symptoms, associated with many factors, especially the lack of health care on the body.

But ginger could overcome the knee joint pain. Because the benefits of ginger had anti-inflammatory and reduce the sense or pain and stiffness in the joint. To take care of your joints, pick the herb ginger without sugar, but may be added to honey. Benefits of ginger will be perceived more quickly if accompanied by an exercise bike for 20 minutes every day.

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