September 06, 2016

Benefits Of Chamomile For Health

Chamomile has long been known to have benefits for health and beauty. If you have only heard it, now let you know more about the benefits of Chamomile.

Since the time of ancient Egypt, chamomile used for offerings to the "Son of the sun" because the properties that exceed other medicinal plants. Chamomile comes from the tribe of the Asteraceae (Compositae), and has two varieties, are German Chamomile (chamomile Recital) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum Noble).

In Egypt, chamomile used for relaxation and sleep's conductor. Chamomile most widely used form of drinks tea (chamomile tea).

Benefits Of Chamomile For Health

Benefits of Chamomile

Some of the common benefits of chamomile in everyday health

  • Relieve allergies and inflammation.

  • Overcome digestive disorders and muscle tension.

  • Relieve menstrual disorders, such as menstrual pain.

  • Overcome insomnia

  • Overcome Rheumatism and hemorrhoids

  • As a source of Antioxidants and antimicrobial

  • As Aromatherapy.

1. Antibacterial

For those who often suffer from respiratory problems, use chamomile to reduce the disorder. How to use :  - Take some dried chamomile flowers, boiled in boiling water, and get into the water vapor that mixed with essential oil from the chamomile. Essential oil is useful as an antibacterial, that person is not susceptible to disease.

2. Anti-allergy

Benefits of chamomile have been tested in animals to prove the anti-inflammatory activity, anti-mutagenic and anti-spasm. In human trials, demonstrating performs of flavonoids and essential oil can penetrate the skin layer. These results prove that chamomile could be used as a topical anti-inflammatory. Other results showed that the methanol extract of chamomile helpful as an anti-itch or anti-allergic.

3. For the healing of wounds

A study has tested and research, and show proof of chamomile in accelerating wound healing. From the observed results, chamomile has an effect on wound fast dry time, speed up form new skin to close the wound, and the strength of the skin will close again.

4. As Aromatherapy

Chamomile is one of the flowers used in the manufacture of perfume, because some parts of the plant contain chamomile essential oil, which has a specific scent.

Tips of Chamomile for relaxation -- You can bath in water with a chamomile.

  • Take half a cup of fresh chamomile flowers.

  • Put in a bag of linen.

  • Put the bag in boiling water for 10 minutes.

  • Pour the marinade from the bag of chamomile into your bathtub.

  • Add cold water, and you can use it for relaxation on your soaking time.

  • To further increase the feeling of relaxation, you can while drinking chamomile tea.

5. Overcoming Anxiety

Research shows that chamomile merit overcomes mild anxiety. But the research must continue to get conclusive results.

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