September 05, 2016

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge - Causes And Prevention

Vaginal discharge is the discharge of fluids from the vagina, and can cause any discomfort. Vaginal discharge also called Leucorrhea or fluor albus.

Normal Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is considered normal if have the following criteria :

  • Clear or whitish color

  • Odorless

  • Not leave the former stain on the underwear

  • Didn't last long, only about 3-4 days

  • The amount of discharge that increases during the period before menstruation, ovulation, during pregnancy, after intercourse, after physical activity, and due to heavy stress.  Normal vaginal discharge can also be increased due to the influence of hormones.

Vaginal discharge is indeed a natural reaction that occurs in the vagina, but you should be aware if it has signs of vaginal discharge is abnormal.

What is the meaning of an Abnormal vaginal discharge?

Abnormal vaginal discharge is a type of vaginal that is caused by parasite, bacteria, or virus. If the discharge that is not treated, can spread to other organs, such as the uterus, ovaries, and can cause fallopian tube infection. This condition can cause difficult to conceive, infertility, even death.

Symptoms of an abnormal vaginal discharge

  • Colored and smelly

  • Foaming

  • Sometimes seem to contain blood

  • Itching around the vagina

  • A sense of burning during urination

  • Pain during intercourse.

Some of the causes of abnormal vaginal discharge

1. Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection that is often caused by bacteria such as Gardnerella vaginitis. This is caused by bacteria that invade the vagina, through sexual intercourse, or due to lack of hygiene. The wrong habits while cleaning the vagina will also lead to bacterial contamination.

The symptoms

Bacterial vaginosis usually has symptoms like vaginal discharge that is yellow and smelly. The discharge is almost always there and more obviously during intercourse. And usually the itching around the genitals. If you are experiencing this discharge, immediately see a doctor. The doctor will pass inspection procedures by taking mucous vaginal discharge that can be tested in the laboratory, or commonly called Pap smear.

If the result of the laboratory looks abnormal symptoms, then the doctor will provide care, for example by providing per-vaginal cream or gel, or oral pills. The treatment is usually the type of antibiotics, and the infection will be gone.

2. Trichomonas Vaginalis

This parasite usually moves through intercourse (Sexual Transmitted Infection - STI). Can also occur as a result of the alternate use of towels, underwears, or other subjects that are damp and humid.

Symptoms of vaginal discharge due to Trichomonas

Vaginal discharge due to Trichomonas usually looks like foam, itchy and smelly, also a rash around genitals. If you are experiencing this discharge, your partner should also be treated. If not, this parasite will continue to move from you to your partner, or vice versa. For healing, it must be checked by a doctor who can give you a cure for this disease.

3. Candida Yeast

The Vaginal discharge caused by the candida yeast usually occurs because of an imbalance in the vaginal flora. Normally, the vagina consists of good bacteria and bad bacteria. But, if they are not balanced, it will cause too many yeasts grow and cause inflammation of the vagina.

Genital flora imbalance usually occurs due to some reasons :

  • Undergoing pregnancy

  • Taking hormones pills (oral contraception)

  • Antibiotics

  • Diabetes

  • Or often wash genitals with liquid soap wrong

  • Use underwear with nylon or can not absorb perspiration

  • Stress and when the immune system decreases.

Symptoms of vaginal discharge due to Candida yeast

  • The discharge looks thick, viscous, or a little thin

  • Looks like a stale white milk

  • This could turn greenish if the patients experienced secondary infection

  • Itching, redness and swelling

  • Skin feels pain if touched

  • Women who suffer from vaginal discharge usually feel pain during sexual intercourse.

Like other symptoms, if you experience vaginal discharge, you should immediately visit a doctor to make sure the disease. Then, follow your doctor's advice while undergoing treatment.

4. How about a Brown vaginal discharge?

If you are experiencing vaginal discharge that is brown, it's probably because it's mixed with the blood. This blood may be derived from the lining of the uterus with cervical erosion or peeling. In addition, brown discharge can also occur due to people suffering from a polyp, or it could be due to a virus attack in the cervix (cervical cancer). So, don't underestimate this abnormal discharge.
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5. Abnormal vaginal discharge in pregnancy

Vaginal discharge in pregnant women, usually yellow, viscous, amounted to many, itching, burning, pain sense if the vaginal surface is pressed, or pus came out. Vaginal discharge is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

If expectant mothers suffering from this abnormal discharge, these conditions do not allow for the mother to give birth normally. Because if the discharge has not been treated, will pass on to her baby. If the women in undergoing a fertility program, usually the doctor will suggest for treat vaginal discharge first, after that may be trying to get pregnant.

How To Prevent Vaginal Discharge?

1. Clean the vagina habit with good and true, especially during menstruation.

2. Don't wear a panty liner all day.

3. Avoid the use of fragrance in the genital area.

4. Avoid cleaning the vagina with soap or douching. Do douche by the recommendation of a doctor.

5. Use a cotton underwear, wich easily absorbs perspiration.

6. Don't be too often wear pants/leggings are tight.

7. Do a safe intimate relationship. Be aware if your partner is suffering from venereal disease. Or not sex with another partner would be better.

8. Check the contraception on a regular basis.

9. Don't shave off all the pubic hair.

10. Always consumption of healthy food and balanced, so that the hormones also balanced.

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