September 11, 2016

7 Best Foods for the Lower Cholesterol Diet

TLC diet or Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes is a way that can be used as lower cholesterol diet.

The main focus of the diet is to reduce the amount of saturated fat intake, because saturated fat is the cause of cholesterol. Cholesterol can be experienced by anyone. Not only those who are obese alone, and a thin body does not guarantee a person has normal cholesterol levels.

7 Best Foods for the Lower Cholesterol Diet

someone who has high cholesterol will usually experience a complication with some other major diseases, such as coronary heart disease, obesity, and others. generally, an increase in blood cholesterol levels did not provide definite signs or symptoms, so it can be suffered by anyone.

Diagnosis can only be identified through blood tests. The Impact of LDL (cholesterol) is high will lead to atherosclerosis, due to the accumulation of LDL in the arterial wall. This condition will cause complaints such as chest pain, heart attack, stroke, and others.

2 Factors that causes cholesterol

1. Factor that can not be controlled is a factor inborn or genetic.

  • genetic factor from parents, either from the father or mother, it could be from both. The Genetic factor could bring 6 times greater risk of suffering from cholesterol.

  • The age factor could also be increasing cholesterol. When a person aged 20 years, the risk of suffering from cholesterol will increase. Men are more prone to cholesterol after age 50, while women will have the risk of cholesterol after menopause.

2. Factors that can be controlled are lifestyle factor and foods. So these factors can be controlled by each individual. Dietary factors can often spur high cholesterol. Usually due to eating unhealthy foods, such as :

  • many foods that contain saturated fats such as biscuits, butter, and instant food.

  • Excessive weight usually prone to cholesterol,  because the accumulation of fat in the body.

  • Smoking is also one of the cause cholesterol and heart disease.

  • Lack of exercise, resulting in the accumulation of fat and energy that does not come out well.

  • Lifestyle is the most important thing to prevent high cholesterol, and as a controller.

  • Wrong diet. By using the method according to the needs of proper diet is a reason supporting the success of the diet. So, make no mistake in the diet.

  • Exercise. Less motion without physical activity may lead to energy is not burned completely.

Lower Cholesterol Diet Plan

1. Calculate the adequacy of calories. If your weight is about 60 kg (120 pounds), the caloric needs of about 1600-1700 kcal.

2. Reduce your intake of saturated fats such as lard, offal, or other foods that can cause attacks and even death. 60 kg body weight also can lower LDL levels by 20-30% by undergoing diet.

3. Limit saturated fat intake at a dose of less than 70% of kcal, with an 8-10% reduction in LDL levels.

4. Reduce fried foods, at a dose less than 200 mg per day, with a 3-5% reduction in LDL.

5. Many consume vegetables, plus a dose of 2 grams per day will cut LDL 5-15%.

The best foods for the lower cholesterol diet

1. Apples --- has about 65 calories, various kinds of vitamins and minerals that are very good for heart health, especially vitamin C, K, and potassium.

2. Tomatoes --- have a low-calorie content is about 27 calories per 5 ounces. Tomatoes contain nutrients that are very complete, especially vitamin A, C, K, and potassium.

3. Watermelon --- has 9 calories per ounce. Watermelon also has antioxidants, lycopene, which can prevent cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

4. Strawberries --- has 49 calories per 5 ounces. Strawberries are very good for the diet because it increases energy metabolism. In addition, strawberries also contain antioxidants that have preserved the health of the heart and blood vessels. Increase the memory capacity and preventing high cholesterol, cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

5. Carrots --- has 50 calories per 4 ounces. Carrots also included in a good source of antioxidants, and beneficial for eye health. Consuming raw carrots are better, such as by making the salad.

6. Broccoli --- has 10 calories per ounce, and have the nutrients and antioxidants that can prevent inflammation and cancer. Cook broccoli is good by boiling or steaming.

7. Spinach --- only has 7 calories per ounce. Spinach is the best vegetables in the lower cholesterol diet and for weight loss diet. How to cook the best spinach is by steaming or boiling but not too long.

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