August 07, 2016

What Are The Main Causes Of Cancer?

We would often hear about free radicals, but few of us understand this. Free radical is very dangerous for our health and very important for us to know. And in fact, free radicals are the main causes of cancer.

What is the Free Radicals?

Free radicals can be described as a compound or molecule containing one or more electrons are not paired on outer orbit. So, this compound is being actively attacking and binding compounds existing in the vicinity. And while in the body, this compound or molecule will attack the cells of the body and fused with other compounds that are not paired.

What Are The Main Causes Of Cancer?

Free radicals that have been fused with the body molecules will then form a new radical continuously, and creating a chain reaction. And its activities will only stop if muted by compounds that are Antioxidants.

These free radicals much we encounter in our daily lives. Without us even realizing, in our body free radicals formed on an ongoing basis, and will continue to expand and damage the cells of our body, could even be uncontrollable if we are not trying to prevent and deal with it immediately.

In addition to genetic factors, cancer can appear due to the impact of free radicals inside the human body. The general impact that results from free radicals is cell damage. On advanced, this damage can trigger a wide range of diseases, and most severe can be the cause of the emergence of cancer.

Several factors that cause Free Radicals :

1. Ultraviolet rays (UV). And sunlight is the main source of UV rays.
2. X-ray
3. Pollution of the environment. Could come from smoke, factory smoke, cigarettes, vehicle smoke, forest fire smoke, industrial waste and garbage pollution.
4. The radiation from electronic objects. Such as mobile phones, computers, microwave, grill meat, Air Conditioning.
5. Food and drink, such as instant foods, junk foods, foods containing preservatives, pesticides, and alcohol.
6. Consume drugs.

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Some diseases that can arise as a result of excessive Free Radicals :

- Disorders of the heart and lungs, such as asthma and pneumonia.
- Disorders of the kidneys and digestive diseases, such as colitis.
- Eye diseases, such as cataracts.
- Speed up the aging process.
- Diabetes.
- Memory loss and easily depressed.
- Premature birth and birth defects, because of damage to DNA.
- Tumors, cancers, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, blood cancer, and also AIDS.
- Infertility.

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And the only way to suppress or overcome this danger is to protect our bodies cells with a compound that can reduce the activity of free radicals, the Antioxidant!

Basically, the free radical is not a disease. However, the condition of the human body loses one molecule resulting from the unhealthy lifestyle, as well as pollution and radiation which causes the molecules of the body split and easy to blend with the compound from free radicals.

At the point, the main cause of cancer is the effect of free radical that damage our cells and later appeared cancer.

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