August 04, 2016

Wary Thyroid Disease In pregnancy

Thyroid disease are disorder of the thyroid gland that is 4-5 times as large as experienced by women than men. And most experience by pregnant women, due to hormonal change and metabolism during pregnancy. If you are currently pregnant, you need to be wary  thyroid disease in pregnancy.

The Thyroid gland is functioning properly is very important for mother and fetus contains. Especially during 1-3 months of pregnancy, because the mother is teh source of the thyroid hormone for the baby. And most pregnant women experience thyroid disorders, namely thyroid hormone deficiency (Hypothyroidism).

Wary Thyroid Disease In pregnancy

What is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a thyroid hormone deficiency or disorder, which is generally characterized by the values of TSH (Thyroid-stimulating Hormone). Which is found in about 2.5% of hormonal pregnancy. 4 - 5 % of fertile women (age 15-45 years) has detected a high TSH levels. Increased TSH level, thyroid function will affect significantly, primarily occurs during pregnancy.

How the risk of hypothyroidism can occur?

Women who are at high risk of experiencing a thyroid disorder during pregnancy are :
1. Before pregnancy occurs, it is usually already tend to have a history of hypothyroidism.
2. Have a history of autoimmune in family and herself.
3. Have Diabetes mellitus type-1.
4. Have other autoimmune disorder, like arthritis and rheumatoid.
5. Reserve decrease thyroid (possibly caused by neck irradiation history and tiroidektomi in part).

Thyroid symptoms in pregnant women

- Fatigue and nausea
- Weight gain that is not normal
- Skin disorder, hair and nails.
- Constipation
- Dizzines, headaches, and mood change.

Signs of thyroid disease and pregnancy signs bit the same. So, it is difficult to know what symptoms appear first. It is important to be able to distinguish, due to change in thyroid function of pregnant women can lead to severe complications in the mother and fetus also contains. And to see this condition, pregnant women need to undergo laboratory examination to know thyroid status of pregnant women namely by checkups Anti TPO.

Usability inspection of Anti-TPO (Thyroid Piroxidase Antibodies)

1. Helps diagnose the presence of autoimmune thyroid disease.
2. Determine the presence of risk factors, such as :
- Autoimmune thyroid disease.
- Hypothyroidism in down syndrome patients.
- Miscarriage and failure of fertilization on IVF (In-vitro fertilization).

When should check TPO?

Pregnant women who want to saw a TPO is done in week 12-20 of pregnancy. Whereas in people with other autoimmune thyroid dysfunction, examination is carried out depending on the request and the advice of a doctor.

Detect early hypothyroidism during pregnancy and particularly effective treatment is very important, to avoid the complications that arise in order not to lose the fetus, premature birth, hypertention in pregnancy, and also prevent cerebral abnormalities in the baby.

Keep your health during pregnancy, and fetal care about you.

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