August 05, 2016

Tomatoes To Prevent Prostate Cancer

Tomato, easy to get and the price is very cheap, which is incredible. But this one fruit we often ignore. Whereas, the tomato is able to prevent cancer, heart failure and osteoporosis. And for important news, the tomatoes were able to prevent PROSTATE CANCER !

Not many people know the benefits of tomatoes, and only a portion of the regularly consumption for health. But in western countries especially the united States, tomato is very popular. In such a dependent, many processed products made from tomatoes and sold hard.

Existing content on tomatoes, such as compound likopen, betacaroten, vitamin C and A is an antioxidant that is pervasive throughout the body to counteract and neutralize the free radicals that damage cells and cells walls. So, the tomatoes were able to prevent damage to blood vessels, the complex nature of diabetes, asthma, and cancer.

What is the prostate?
The prostate is a small gland in the male pelvis which is part of the reproductive system. The prostate is located below the bladder in front of the rectum. The prostat gland surrounds the urethra, which carries urine tract, namely from the bladder to the penis.

The prostate produces fluids that help nourish and protect your sperms. During ejaculation, the prostate secretes fluid into the urethra. Fluid that is issued will be flowing along with the sperm.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is one of the 10 disease that afflicts men. But the men often unconscious with symptoms until the disease is spread and the more difficult teraphy. This could be due to the large number of existing symptoms too. At least, there is a way to recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer. Let's see the following signs.

Prostate cancer may not cause any symptoms in the early stages. Prostate cancer symptoms occurs when too large or swell and start to affect the urethra. 

Prostate cancer symptoms :

1. More frequent urination, especially during night time.
2. Feel pain when urinating.
3. Feel the bladder is always full.
4. Blood in urine or semen.
5. Pressure while removing the urine decrease.

Usually, signs or symptoms of prostate cancer occurs when the cancer has already spread out of the prostate. But the symptoms above are not always caused by prostate cancer. The above condition could have been  caused by a urinary tract infection.

Until now, tha cause of the rise of prostate cancer is still unknown. But heredity or genetics and age a person can increase the risk of the appearance of prostat cancer.

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Prostat Cancer Treatment

More early prostate cancer is diagnosed, the greater of opportunity for the men recovered. But if the prostate cancer stages in a very early and do not cause any symptoms, but men must remain alert.

Prostate cancer treatment is by surgical removal of the prostat and radiotherapy. However, if the cancer is detected when it has already spread to the bone, for example, then the cancer cannot be cured. The treatment is done only as to extend age and also relieve the symptoms that appear.

Tomatoes To Prevent Prostate Cancer

How tomatoes prevent prostate cancer?

1). Disorder of the heart
Many people simply avoid certain foods in order to be free from various diseases related to the heart. But people rarely know the recommended foods to prevent disruption of it. Heart health is closely related to the condition of the arteries, where thickening of artery walls provide an important disturbance of heart health, including high blood pressure. While the content of vitamin B6 and folic acid in the tomatoes were able to lower their cholesterol levels and prevent the build up fat in the arteries.

2). Osteoporosis
An expert says, 2 glasses of tomato juice averyday can increase the need of antioxidants that keep cells. The content of likopen on tomatoes are also useful as a deterrent of osteoporosis, especially to women post-menopause.

3). Prevent prostate cancer
It's not just about likopen but other tomatoes content of compounds also needed to work together to prevent prostate cancer. People think prostate cancer is quite preventable only by consumption of likopen supplements. But other tomatoes content is also required to optimize work likopen.

Additional notes :
1. Cooked tomatoes provide protection higher than raw tomatoes.
2. Choose the tomoates with a very red color, it has a higher content of likopen.
3. Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature and keep away from exposure to direct sunlight.
4. A very ripe fruit can be stored in the refrigerator, in a storage area that incoporates butter is not too cold.
5. Soluble likopen is soluble in fat, so if consumed along with fat-rich foods such olive oil, then the absorbtion in the body will be more optimally.
6. Strive to consume all parts of tomatoes that we benefits are more optimal. 

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