August 04, 2016

How To Make Hormone Stay Balance

A hormone is a messenger chemical between cell and chemical substance to investigate cell this body is naturally generated. Hormone have an important role in the body to help the process of metabolism, growth, repair cells, fertility, reproductive, appetite, to regulate human sleep time.

But sometimes hormones can become unbalanced for some reason. And here's a way how to make hormone stay balance.

How To Make Hormone Stay Balance

Hormonal balance, either excess or lack of, will certainly disrupt the metabolic process in the body, which could be the cause of the emergence of various kinds of disease, disability, growth abnormalities, infertility, even death.

The cause of unbalanced hormones is usually due to the glands produced hormones doesn't work in certain circumstance. Conversely, if there are additional glands secretes hormones, it will cause an excess of hormones.

The Cause of hormonal imbalance can also be due to innate factors since birth, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, tumors, consuming certain drugs, and also the lifestyle that comes to one's diet.

In order to stay balanced hormone :

1. Do diet plans with healthy menu and balance between animal and  vegetable sources.
2. Sources of carbohydrates are good for hormonal balance is rice, wheat, oatmeal, corn, and potato.
3. Consumption of green vegetables or a light colored, such as spinach, broccoli, eggplant purple, and more.
4. Consumption of high fiber fruits, and nuts.
5. Drink plain water is sufficient, at least 10-12 glasses every day.
6. Do exercise regularly.
7. Sufficient and get enough sleep.
8. Positive thinking.
9. Avoid fried food, foods that contain a lot of salts, sweet foods like chocolate, cake, and chips which many contain herbs, which can lead to unbalanced hormones.
10. Avoid drinks that are too sweet, fizzy, and stay away from alcohol.

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Diet Plans For A Healthy Hormonal Balance

Breakfast :
With a bowl of oatmeal (made from a mixture of 5 1/2 tbsp Oatmeal + 250 cc low-fat milk). It could also be a breakfast with other menus, such as pureed green beans, or rice with steamed potatoes, vegetables, or wheat bread.

2-3 hours before lunch :
1 piece fruit rich in fiber, such as papaya, banana, apple, or others. It can be taken in a juice or smoothie with yogurt  mixture.

Lunch :
Rice complete with side dishes of meat or fish, and vegetables from the green vegetables such as spinach, green bean, broccoli, asparagus, or others. Plus 1 piece of watermelon or mango.

Afternoon :
1 piece fruit rich in fiber, such as melon, strawberry, mango, and more, or can be taken in a juice and fruit smoothie mixed with soy milk.

Evening :
Dinner with rice and side dishes can be mild, such as chicken or tofu and vegetables such as purple eggplant, broccoli, beans, and red bean soup.

Set up a balanced menu is actually easy and most important is reducing snacking food less healthy and less food to eat junk food.

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