August 06, 2016

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size?

Bra (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) or some are calling it the BH (Breast Holder), is one of the needs and very important for women. Not only for fashion, but it is the important point for breast health. Wearing a bra is not solely to bolster the appearance of body shape in the course, but the important factor is for the sake of maintaining breast health, due to its function as a buffer of the breast.

So, how to choose the correct bra size to get the healthy breast?

If we look, when this many places or outlets that provide women's gear of this one, with its diverse shapes and colors. So many of the women who get confused while choosing, which tend to be fascinated with form, color, and pattern they consider beautiful, without looking at the side of its function for health. And that means, many of women who chose the wrong bra!

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size?

Choose and wear the right Bra for your health

1. Daily use
For the daily use of the bra, it's good to choose a bra with a material that is easy to absorb sweat and soft material such as cotton or linen.

2. Size must fit

Should you buy a bra with an assortment of your favorite color and motifs. However to note is wearing a bra should fit with the size, In terms of the circumference of the bust as well as cup breast as a buffer.

3. When doing exercise

Use a bra according to all activities. While exercising , use the sport-bra which absorbs perspiration. The Sports bra is usually already designed specifically to support the breast to stay healthy and comfortable while the exercise.
Although the sport-bra usually very tight, but stay safe and comfortable to wear. Do not use a sports bra when exercising, will make breasts hang because less is sustained. As the result will add to the workload of the spine. In the long run, it could cause the body bends and disproportionate.

Keep the breasts stay beautiful with the right bra usage

1. Watch strap bra
Bra straps that are too tight to tapping on shoulders are certainly nor comfortable to wear, and leaving red marks on the skin. Instead, sagging bra strap are not able to support the breast well, and breast will sag.

2. Choosing the right size of cup bra
Cup bra that is too small will cause the breast "spilling over" even up on the side of the armpit. Although only as the inner shirt, cup like it was also certainly not comfortable to wear and affect the appearance as a whole. Moreover, if we wear tight shirt and thin.

Maybe some people think, wearing a small bra makes the body appear slimmer. But instead make the body look disproportionate because wearing a small cup bra, and make backfat visible everywhere.

Wear a bra with the right cup size. Besides being beautiful fashion, also make breast keep healthy. Also, notice the bra hook. Hook position should be straight on the bust circle.

Is it safe to sleep wearing a bra?

Some women have comfort in wearing a bra while sleep. But if you want to sleep wearing a bra, that does not choose a too tight, without foam or wire bra, and with materials that are not rigid.

But, not wearing a bra while sleeping will be much better for your health. Because the wearing a bra while sleeping at risk on a number of health problems, such as reducing blood circulation, skin irritation, pigmentation, easy sweat, making uncomfortable and reduce sleep quality, edema or accumulation of fluid in the breast lumps, as well as the threat of breast cancer.

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How to care a bra

1. After buying a bra, wash before use, to avoid interference from other bacterial, because the bra has been touched by many hands.

2. Washing --- Bra from lace material should be washed by hand. Not rubbed too hard, and should not be soaked with hot water. When you wash with the machine, use the 'special net for bra' or 'ball of bra', a special net to hold the bra will be washed, so the bra is not easily broken or stretched, and the bra hook does not damage other clothes in the machine.

3. Drying --- Avoid drying bra on direct sunlight, even though the sun in very great for killing bacteria, but the bra could lose elasticity strap and rubber strap will quickly broke. Do not hang in the bathroom, because it can cause the appearance of spots. The recommended drying in a room there is enough wind circulation.

4. Store --- Bra store preferably in a cabinet or a special box and fold neatly bra. Stack and stretch bra with cup position facing upwards, to mantaince the shape of the bra as well. Avoid folding cup, because it will deform the cup and uncomfortable if used again. Store the bra can also be hanging it. This way is suitable for the bra using foam and wire bra.

Before buying a bra, it's good to understand the appropriate bra size by measuring the circumference of the bust as well as the size of the cup of the bra is needed. Following this, the chart to determine size bra that fit. Usually when you buy a bra, contained writings on this measure.

And here the guide to choose the correct bra size. First know your bra size before buying.

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size?

Although a bra is an underwear to support the fashion, but the election and correct usage is also very important for your breast health.

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