August 28, 2016

Healthy Diet For Cancer - Foods To Allowed And Avoided

For people who suffer from cancer, should be careful in choosing the menu and food source. Because, if you select the wrong food, will result in cancer getting worse. So, for cancer patients should do a healthy diet for cancer.

Cancer is one disease that became the highest cause of death around the world today. The cause, in addition to the human lifestyle, is unhealthy, and it can also be caused by radiation exposure, which triggers the attack of free radicals that damage cells of human body. Also the pollution and sewage from the surrounding environment.

What are the free radicals cause cancer? And what are the symptoms of cancer?

Healthy Diet For Cancer - Foods To Allowed And Avoided

Cancer and tumor disease is the most feared disease of everyone. So, should we prevent these disease by trying to live a healthy diet for cancer, and avoid things that can stimulate the appearance of tumors and cancer.

But if the disease is already attacking, attempts to treat cancer is through medical treatment. And also with a balanced diet and consume food menu to the cancer patients.

Type the following foods SHOULD BE AVOIDED by patients with tumor and cancer.

1. Foods containing unsaturated fats, such as :

  • Beef brisket, goat meat, duck meat, and pork.

  • Fat poultry, such as chicken (especially wings part), duck or bird.

  • Full cream milk is high in fat.

2. Seafood which also contains high in fat, such as shrimp, crab, clams and squid.

3. The food that has been burned, such as satay, grilled fish, roasted corn, and the food is roasted on fire. Because the charred section could make cancer getting worse.

4. Food containing a lot of flavor enhancer, preservatives, artificial dyes, and artificial sweeteners, as it can damage the body. For example, canned food salted fish, and as well as the type of processed fast food and junk food.

5. Cooking oil that has been used many times.

6. And some kind of vegetables and fruits which is must be avoided, are :

  • Sprouts can encourage the growth of cancer.

  • Kale, spinach, chicory, chayote, and chili. Because these vegetables can have a negative impact on the process of absorption of the drugs being consumed while undergoing medical treatment.

  • Pineapple, jackfruit, and grapes. These fruits have alcohol content elements, so it is not good for people with cancer and tumors.

Healthy Diet for Cancer

Good food types and ALLOWED for cancer and tumor patients

1. For a source of carbohydrates are white rice, brown rice, corn, whole grain bread, and cereals.

2. Green vegetables and brightly colored, such as broccoli, mustard green, cauliflower, watercress, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, purple eggplant, beets, onions, paprika, and sweet potatoes. This is a source of vitamins and minerals are good for cancer sufferers.

3. Fresh fruits that are rich in antioxidants, such as Apples, tomatoes, strawberry, blueberry, papaya, watermelon, melon, orange, mangosteen, pomegranate, guava, and banana. A wide range of fruit is also a great source of vitamins and minerals that are important for people with cancer and tumors.

4. Vegetable protein sources to be had from legumes, such as beans, groundnuts, almonds, peas, and soybeans.

5. For the source of animal protein, such as fresh fish, lean beef, eggs, low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.

6. Honey and green tea.

Healthy Diet For Cancer - Foods To Allowed And Avoided

How to select the food and ingredients in a healthy diet for cancer?

Cooking food for the cancer sufferer should always pay attention to the freshness and quality of ingredients. And here are some tips on choosing fresh ingredients.

  1. Select the type of grain like rice or beans are still good and not porous.

  2. Buy chicken in place of the cuts, or cut at a home that the freshness is assured.

  3. For fish, choose fish that are still fresh or alive when cooked. Fresh fish can be seen from the flesh still supple, bright eyes and gills are still red.

  4. Choose organic fruits that are still fresh, bright complexion, and nice quality.

How to cook in a healthy diet for cancer?

  1. Wash clean all the ingredients, fruits or vegetables with running water.

  2. Avoid frying with oil too much. And use olive oil for sauteing.

  3. Do not cook with roasting above the fire. Because of the BURNT FOOD section is not good for cancer sufferers, and can make cancer getting worse.

  4. Select cooking by boiling, steaming or sauteing.

  5. If you want to bake, use the oven and don't use a grill with fire.

  6. Do not cook with a lot of seasoning.

  7. Use a little salt.

However, don't often cook with fried. Prepare a healthy diet for cancer preferably with many dishes are boiled or steamed. Because people with cancer need enough nutrients to restore the condition of the body after the surgery or chemotherapy. Please choose a type of cuisine that is soft-textured and easy to digest.

To speed up the healing process of cancer and tumors, in addition to undergoing medical treatment, avoid foods that are not recommended as explained above. It is also the most important is always foster a spirit from within ourselves to continue struggling in the fight against cancer.

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