August 06, 2016

Cause And Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers, in addition to cervical cancer, colon cancer, and other types of cancer. A disease which is number one cause of death in the world. So, what are the cause and breast cancer symptoms?


Cause And Breast Cancer Symptoms

The Risk factors in breast cancer

1. Genetics factor
Risk factors will grow if we have a history of breast cancer and/or uterine cancer in the family (for example, if the grandmother or mother has a history of cancer, then it is likely appear in your or your sister).

2. Age
Most cases are found in women aged 50 years and over. Rare cases in women 35 years and under. Age is the biggest risk factor.

3. Hormones and give birth
If menstruation started less than the age of 12 and menopause after 55 years, have never given birth to above 30 years old. Use of hormone therapy post-menopause can magnify the risk of breast cancer.

5. Biopsies
If the biopsy report showed a breast abnormality, for example it showed a tumor, will increase the risk of cancer.

6. Socio-economic and educational
Women who have the educational and/or socio-economic status of the medium and above, tend to have few children and gave birth to the above age 30 years where both heightens the risk.

4. Weight
Overweight/obesity after menopause provides influence.
Other risk factors include :
- use of oral contraception
- consume foods high in saturated fat
- physical activity less/sports activity, or "lazy" lifestyle.
- excessive consume alcohol (more than one time per day).

How to see and examine for breast cancer?

Early detection is an effective way to increase the rate of healing and life opportunities for women. Many common signs and symptoms of breast cancer to look out for, such as :
- There is lump or lumps in the breast
- Abnormal bleeding nipples
- Changes in the shape and skin of the breast, as well as peeling or red rash on the nipple.

At an advanced stage, the breast skin can constrict like orange peel. However, in some cases, there is no symptoms or sign. Therefore, the initial examination is very important in order to find out whatever there is the abnormality in the breast so that further action can be taken.

Women aged over 40 years are advised to do breast self-examination every month or an annual checkup by a doctor with ultrasound and mammography.

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Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer :

  1. Avoid obesity, doing exercise regularly and keep away from alcohol.

  2. Check your own breasts regularly every month. If you feel a lump in the breast or discharge from the nipple (as blood) or any changes abnormality in the breast such as redness, wrinkles, indentations, DO NOT IGNORE! Immediately see a doctor.

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