August 26, 2016

Benefits Of Vitamin B2 In Pregnancy To Prevent Birth Defects

Every expectant mother certainly want her baby born perfect. To prevent defects of the fetus, pregnant women should consume foods containing of vitamin B2.

Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is one of a group of B-complex relationship that is soluble in water. Vitamin B2 is experiencing phosphorylation, in which it played very important role in redox reactions are Coenzyme body. This coenzyme function break down compounds such as carbohydrates and proteins into simpler. So this will be metabolism into energy. Further, on the role of this vitamin B2 plays a role in respiration, growth, and the production of cells in the body.

Benefits Of Vitamin B2 In Pregnancy To Prevent Birth Defects

Benefits of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) in the body

1. As an Antioxidant to protect it from free radicals.

Environmental pollution and unhealthy air there is always surrounding us. All kinds of compound gas that will go into the body, and will slowly damage the body's cells. As a result, like the brain needs a lot of oxygen intake thus entered the air that is not clean. Thus increasing the stress.

Vitamin B2 as an important component of the formation of gluthatione redox capable of removing these free radicals. It also help the process of antioxidants in the blood and prevent diseases, such as gout.

2. Important in energy metabolism.

The role of coenzyme in numerous metabolic energy in the body is a function of vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is also working to solve the compound carbohydrates into sugars that are easier to digest. And chance the protein and fat into energy, also helps in the formation of mineral metabolism and other vitamins. This will be helpful for people working heavily in order not easily tired.

3. Beneficial for the nervous system.

Benefits of vitamin B2 is also to protect the nervous system, especially the nerves of the eye. Like disorders of the eye are hard to see at close range or distance vision when viewing an object. Also protects the nerves of the eyes to prevent cataracts and keratitis.

4. As the maintenance of body organs.

In addition to the nerves of the eye, vitamin B2 is also beneficial in maintaining the respiratory organs. It is known that vitamin B2 helps in regenerating energy on the body with the respiratory process. And also able to ward off free radicals in the air. So join the respiratory organs maintain health such as the nose and lungs. Vitamin B2 is also important in preventing diseases such as hypoglycemia and uterine cancer.

5. Assist the formation of red blood cells that are rich in oxygen.

It turns out the red blood cells in our body is formed by the vitamin B2. Free radicals can damage red blood cells and vitamin B2 is required for it to form new red blood cells, that are rich in oxygen and able to transport O2 through blood vessels to all parts of the body.

If these red blood cells do not contain enough oxygen, it will cause damage to the organs of the body. For example, the incidence of faint, or dizzy because oxygen is not sufficient in supplying the brain.

6. For growth in general.

Other benefits of vitamin B2 is for growth in general. Vitamin B2 crucial highly consumed by pregnant women to help the development of her baby. Because vitamin B2 will help in the process of cell division. So as to prevent babies born deformed. Pregnant women who lack vitamin B2 can have a baby birth defects, especially neural tube defects, abnormalities in the spine, and abnormalities of the brain which is not formed. Therefore, pregnant women need to consume vitamin B2.

In addition to the above benefits, other benefits of vitamin B2 is to prevent acne, stress, depression, obesity, anemia, cancer of the uterus, and muscle cramps.

A natural source of vitamin B2

1. Fruits and green vegetables --- Fruits contain vitamin B2 like pineapple, oranges, watermelon, and grapes. On vegetables such as:

  • Broccoli, that contain vitamin A, vitamin B1=0.09 mg, vitamin B2= 0.18 mg, and other vitamins.

  • Asparagus, containing vitamin B1=0.143 mg, vitamin B2= 0.141 mg, vitamin B3=0.978 mg, vitamin B5=0.274 mg, and vitamin B6=0.091 mg.

  • Spinach, containing vitamin A=6.090 IU, vitamin B1=0.08 mg, vitamin B2=0.189 mg. the content of each of these vegetables are present in varying quantities per 100 grams.

2. Meat and fish --- Animal source B2 is present in chicken liver, which contain vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and other minerals. For the duck meat, contain vitamin B2=0.5 mg per 100 grams, or the equivalent of 28% of the daily needs of the body. To other sources is salmon, mackerel, and eggs.

3. Nuts --- These food sources such as soy beans. Soy beans contain vitamin A=1 mg, vitamin B1=415 micrograms, vitamin C=6.0 mg, and vitamin K=47 mg. Soy beans are also useful for controlling cholesterol levels.

4. Milk and other dairy --- The milk turned out of contain more vitamin B2 than other vitamins. Other sources of vitamin B2 is also healthy for consumpting found in the processed milk, such as ice cream, yoghurt and cheese contain vitamin B2 of 0.5 mg. This excellent source of food to consume everyday.

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Due to the deficiency of vitamin B2

1. Dry and scaly skin.

Dry skin and scaly is a result of lack of vitamin B2, which causes the red blood cells is not enough to supply the body. While the red blood cells needed to bring much of vitamin C for skin health.

2. Canker sores, chapped lips, and dry mouth.

Although this disorder often appears due to a deficiency of vitamin C. But if the deficiency of vitamin B2, immunity of the body decreases and causes damage to the skin. Vitamin B2 deficiency can also cause gastrointestinal disturbance. So foods containing vitamin C can not be absorbed by the body at the maximum.

3. Decreased body immunity.

Vitamin B2 helps transform carbohydrate into energy. If the body is deficient in energy, the body will be limp, and decreased body immunity. Vitamin B2 also helps produce red blood cells, and protects the nerves of the body.

4. Diseases and disorders of the eye cataracts.

Causes of cataract and blurred vision usually beginning due to deficiency of vitamin B2. Other disease such as Keratitis, namely inflammation of cornea. The causes of keratitis, e.g. herpes simplex, bacteria, virus, the entry of foreign matter, cosmetics, and also result from a deficiency of vitamin B2.

5. The growth of the body is disrupted --- Usually occurs in children. Children who lack vitamin B2 will experience growth disorders.

6. Cleft lip in infants.

This can occur in pregnant women who are deficient in vitamin B2. Pregnant women who do not consume nutritious food during pregnancy, can affect her baby's health since in the womb. And could result in cleft lip in infants. Other conditions, such as anemia, swollen tongue, and dry skin.

How to prevent the deficiency of Vitamin B2?

To prevent the body from deficient in vitamin B2, with consuming source such as milk, eggs, meat, fish, chicken or duck meat, fruits and vegetables containing vitamin B2.

But the excess vitamin B2 is also not good for health. Disorders that appear due to excess B2, such as :

  • Nausea and vomiting --- This is because the stomach isn't able to absorb more vitamin B2. Excess vitamin B2 will be stored in the organs such as the liver and kidneys, so it can cause poisoning and nausea.

  • Low blood pressure --- If consuming vitamin B2 is excessive, might result in clotting of the fluid, and blood clotting.

  • Fatigue --- This happens because consume lots of vitamin B2 but not offset by enough exercise, or less of motion. So it is recommended not to consume the vitamin B2 while the body going to rest, such as sleep.

So, it is very important in paying attention to the consumpting of vitamin B2, so that not excess or deficiency. Especially for pregnant women, in order to take the benefits of vitamin B2 with a number and an appropriate measure.

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