August 08, 2016

Banana Smoothie To Relieve Stress

Working all day, tired, bored, or have heavy days because a lot of work that unresolved? Time for you to take a moment for relaxation with banana smoothie to relieve stress.

Do the relaxation in 5 minutes.
To eliminate tension and fatigue, try to do some of the following movements :

Banana Smoothie To Relieve Stress

1. Sit down and relax. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose, then out to the mouth. Do as much as 3 times.

2. Perform massage (pressure point) in the face area by using the middle finger and ring finger. Area or points that should be supressed are : 

- Point 1 : The area between the two eyebrows. Press and browse the area up to the middle of the head (about 2 centimeters from hairline).

- Point 2 : Press the temples near the hairline, left and right.

- Point 3 : Press at a point about one centimeter out of the corner of your eye.

- Point 4 : Press at the mid-point between the eyebrows.

- Point 5 : Tab a point near the end of eyes, between the nose, left and right.

- Point 6 : Press the bottom of the eye, left and right cheekbone.

- Point 7 : Press about 2 centimeters from point 6, left and right.

- Point 8 : Press at the end of the mouth, left and right.

- Point 9 : Press the point on the tip of the nose, left and right.

- Point 10 : Press and rub the outer ear, upper and lower.

3. Relax your mind, and instruct the brain to be more relax, calm, and positive.

4. Drink beverages that can be source of relaxation, to help the body more relaxed and refreshed. For example, by drinking a juice or a healthy smoothie.

Banana-Dates Smoothie

Ingredients :
- 2 pieces of banana
- 3 seeds of dates, pitted
- 400 cc plain yoghurt

How to make :
Blend all ingredients until well blended and smooth. Serve for 2 cups.

Nutritional benefits :
Potassium minerals are easily absorbed by the body quickly, but also easily lost if we are in a state of distress. And bananas are rich in pottasium minerals. Making this banana smoothie, will increase the supply of potassium is useful to reduce frantic mind.

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