August 12, 2016

All You Want To Know About DETOX


Detox is the way that can be used to eliminate toxins, is to give the body the nutrients it needs to expel toxins from the body. If you always feel tired, lost of balance and sluggish, or if you daily feel the body felt tired, not excited, impaired digestion, have skin disorders, and less able to concentrate. It was a sign that it's time to detoxify your body.

What is Detox?

Detox is a process of spending the toxins in the body through a disposal process in several organs :

- Through the respiratory tract

- Disposal of urine by the kidneys and liver

- Through the digestive tract during defecation 

- And transpiration through the skin.

The impact of toxin in the body 

If toxins in the body had not removed, it will have an impact on the emergence of various health complaints, such as :

- The vitality of the body decrease, and the resulting body tired and sluggish.

- Loss of body balance.

- Digestive disorders, or diarrhea.

- Appears acne, dull skin, and other skin problems.

- Appears other chronic diseases, as well as infertility.

How can the toxins exist in our body?

1. The effect of free radical

Free radicals are the biggest cause of the emergence of the disease. These free radicals are everywhere around us, and we realize every day we were met by free radicals, For example, the use of computer and mobile phones, air conditioners, using a meat grills, air pollution, factory smoke, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, pollution from industrial waste, and garbage pollution.

2. From the food
Toxins can also be derived from the food we eat every day. Such as contaminated food, e.g sea resource that has been contaminated waste, fruits and vegetables are exposed to pesticides, and also food that contain preservatives, artificial colorings, and too many seasonings, including junk foods.

3. Natural factors
Natural factors such as UV rays can also cause the body is exposed to free radicals. Causes the body' cells become damaged and easy to absorb toxins. Avoid certain hours when the UV rays of the sun on high.

How does Detox work on our body?

Detoxify the body is the way that can be used to eliminate toxins, is to give the body the nutrients it needs to expel toxins from the body. And an effective way to detoxify is to consume food that contains Antioxidant. So, detox works as well as antioxidants to fight free radicals and toxins.

A molecule which has a function of neutralizing free radicals by combining itself on the unpaired molecule in the body. So, that free radicals do not have access to the body cells fused with unpaired it. 

As we know, the molecules in the body should have been paired. But they can be separated due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Free radicals arising from unhealthy food, pollution, radiation, smoke, and alcohol, will seek unpaired molecule in the body, and then fused it. Then, it can cause many diseases, one of most dangerous is cancer!


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However, toxins that have been trapped in the blood stream is not in itself make it out, and can only be removed through the body's ways of cleaning, by detoxifying the body with healthy food intake. And excellent food source for detox is the natural source of organic fruits and vegetables because it contains Antioxidants.

Benefits of Detox :

1. The body is able to digest food better.
2. Clean the intestines and help remove toxins in the body.
3. Relieve back pain, joints, or other chronic diseases.
4. Make skin brighter, healthier, and preventing and accelerate the healing of acne.
5. Restoring lost energy, and increase vitality.
6. Help increasing fertility.  

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