August 22, 2016

About HPV Cause Cervical Cancer You Need To Know

This article will answer questions about HPV, which is important for you to know.

What is HPV?

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a virus-carrier disease CERVICAL CANCER, cause of death the biggest women around the world. Although the disease suffered by women, but women are not only potentially infected HPV, but men can also be infected with this virus.

About HPV Cause Cervical Cancer You Need To Know

HPV comprising more 100 types, called Papilloma because this virus often cause warts or Benigna (warts = tumor epidermal papilloma virus induced or Benigna proliferation similar to warts). HPV that cause warts on the hands or feet are different types with wich cause warts in the genital organ. Some types of genital HPV is very closely related to the occurence of cancer of the cervix (cervical cancer).

Who can be infected with HPV?

Both men and women that ever did intimate relationship with person who are infected HPV. Both of them will not realize their self infected because HPV can be silent for long time without showing symptoms. A person can only become infected with HPV is much after sex. Approximately 50% of people who have been active in an intimate relationship once in her life had ever been infected with HPV.

HPV is not a new disease, but many people don't realize it because of this viral infection usually do not have symptoms and can be cured by itself without causing health problems.

Groups that are easily infected with HPV included in high-risk groups are :

  1. People who perform intercourse at age 14-16 years. Female adolescents aged 14-16 years are still having great hormonal changes. During puberty the condition her uterus neck still immature (not growing perfectly yet) and her uterus neck cells are very active, therefore the risk of HPV infected is being increase.

  2. Who do an intimate relationship with another partner. While dealing with many couples, will enlarge the possibility to HPV from his partner.

Whether the HPV infection is the same as HIV infection and HSV?

About HPV infection is not the same as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus), although equally transmitted through intercourse.

On the HPV infection, most people do not cause health problems, but the infection is settled will cause  cervical cancer.

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About HPV based on its relation to cervical cancer, HPV is divided 2 groups :

1. Low-risk types of HPV

A group of HPV type called low risk because this type of infection does not pose a risk of occurrence of cancer. Infection with HPV types are low risk in women will only cause a little bit of light changes on the cervix. This changes does not cause cancer and is only temporary.

But also not uncommon infection HPV type low risk can cause that look like warts (genital warts). Genital warts can also grow on the genitals were men and women usually do not cause pain, and can be flat-shaped, small and large, one or many. It remains unclear why the group low-risk type HPV in some people cause genital warts, while others do not.

2. High-risk types of HPV

Called high-risk types of HPV because it is closely related to the occurrence of cancer. About HPV high-risk type infections may cause cancer and deformities in the cell if the infection settled. The process of changing from infection in the cervix into cancer take a long time, about 10-15 years. Cervical cancer in women is a serious disease caused by HPV type at high-risk.

Who is at risk of HPV infection are having settled?

  • Women aged above 30 years

  • Smokers

  • Steroid Drinkers such as in people with system Lupus Erythematosus

  • The immune system disorders Sufferers, such as AIDS.

What is the difference between a Pap smear examination with HPV?


A pap smear is performed with the aim of checking the health condition and changes bentul cells of the cervix. For example in unhealthy conditions such as abnormal vaginal discharge. So that could be the cause of vaginal discharge is detected immediately, whether due to a fungus or virus.

If the result pap smear showed abnormal sign, don't be afraid. The most important is the follow-up treatment of those results. Abnormal results should be immediately treated for the changes that occure are not getting worse.

HPV DNA Examination

For women above the age of 30 years, it is recommended to add the HPV DNA checks on a routine screening in addition to pap smears. And also to cases where the results of the pap smears is unclear or confusing, so it is advisable to proceed on examination HPV DNA.

HPV DNA examination has been approved as an examination for cervical cancer screening by the FDA (Food and Drug Admission). So the HPV DNA examination is aimed at knowing the existence of the virus HPV in the cervix.

Whether men also need to do the inspection of HPV?

HPV DNA examination for men is not recommended, although HPV infection is also commonly experienced by men. Infection in men indeed do not cause serious health problems, in addition to the presence of genital warts in the genital area of men. But the most important and need to look out for is that men infected with HPV can pass on the virus to his partner.

Does HPV infection can be treated?

There is no medicine that can kill the virus itself. But a good immune system can fight off HPV on its own. So become a treatment against cervical cell changes and cervical cancer.

How to reduce the risk of HPV infection?

Because this virus belongs to the old infects sufferers (about 10-15 years), then to note is not have sex with multiple partners. Because of the serious threat that could be caused by the HPV, should understand this now! Do not be afraid, but beware!

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