August 20, 2016

7 Faster Diet Plans To Get A Belly Slim

Do you feel hard to slimming your belly? Now you don't have to feel hard anymore because there are 7 faster ways to get a belly slim with healthy and right diet plans.

Everyone, both of men and women will want to have a proportional body, or in the sense of having the shape that matches the size of the curve of their body, at each of the ends of the hair to toe.

7 Faster Diet Plans To Get A Belly Slim

In general, the body disproportionate due to the build up of fats in certain parts of the body, such as arms, belly and waist, thighs, and calves. This fat buildup can be caused due to lifestyle, consuming foods that contain excess fat, drink unhealthy drinks and many contain artificial confections, as well as a lazy exercise.

And the most vulnerable part of the body is experiencing a buildup of fat is part of the stomach. This is because the stomach is where the layout of the digestive organs. The metabolism of the body that are not fluently, coupled with the consumption of food and beverages that are not healthy, will spur a build-up of fat in the vicinity.
Maybe some wonder, "Why I am eating with a small portion, but my belly still fat? "

Also to note, when you felt packed with a small or moderate servings, but your belly still look fat and protruding. Even some people who also streamlined but have a protruding belly.

To find out if the body posture and ideal weight, through measurements of your body mass index (BMI).

The cause of the visible fat or belly protruding, in addition to due hoarding fat, also due to consuming foods that contain less fiber. So, the dirt that is in gut undergoes a buildup and resulting part around a protruding abdomen looked.

In addition, less fibrous food consumption will also pose the problem of constipation. If you are doing the diet plans to trim the belly, here are some ways to make your belly become slim. The diet plans are examples of the healthy menu settings for women, and it could be a diet for men, too.

7 Diet plans to trim your belly :


Fixed breakfast. Forget about breakfast is the fatal way if you want to slim. Just select one of the following breakfast menus below :

Menu 1 :  2 scoop of rice and a side dish + 1 hard boiled egg + 1 glass of low-fat milk.

Menu 2 :  A bowl of whole-grain cereal or oatmeal + 1 glass of low-fat milk.

Menu 3 : Sandwich of 2 slices of bread + a half-baked omelet + 1 glass of low-fat milk.

2. Lunch

For lunch, you can eat as usual, with a serving of rice and a side dish. Lunch with a full side dish, serve as a nutrient and energy enhancer for your activity at work.

3. Dinner

For those of you who are attempting to slim the belly, dieting for the evening just recommended only eat fruits contain lots of water and fiber. The fruits such as melon, watermelon, apples, red grape, and more. You can consume the fruits in form of juice or salad menu.

4. Exercising

Do exercise regularly are highly recommended to support the result of the diet is done. Exercise fit for streamlining the belly among other thins, push up and sit up.


For early exercise, do sit-up  every morning as much as 20 times routine for one week. The next week, then increase by as much as 40 times for one week in a row.  And for all, you can increase the longer a matter of Sit-up to above 50 times or until your best regardless. Sit-up is useful for tightening your stomach muscles and burn fat around your belly.


Do exercise with push-up every day. As early as the beginning of, you can do push-up as much as 5 a matter of course. However, try to increase the count from day to day. Push-up, in addition to tightening the abdominal muscles and surrounds, as well as tightening the term muscles, and burn fat around the belly and arms. Push-up movements have also become an important base of gymnastics on yoga and pilates.

How to do a push-up movement is correct?

  1. Both hands touching the floor or exercise mat, with the arms straight.

  2. The position of the legs and body straight forward, with toes raised.

  3. When the movements "push", the first chest should touch the floor or mat, recently followed the stomach (so, the stomach be isn't touch the floor first). So in addition to arms, abdominal muscles will also hold the body burden.

  4. When the "up" position, align the arms, lift the chest and abdomen simultaneously.

In addition to the movement of crunches and push-up, you can also do exercise by following the yoga exercise. Yoga is not only good for diet therapy alone, but also make the body more balanced. In yoga, breathing exercise is also good and able to be therapeutic stress and throw away the negative energy in the body and soul.

5. Additional Menus with Healthy Juice

Consumption of fruits juices or fresh vegetables is important on diet plans and extra menus for those who are on a diet to get a slim belly. Select a fruit and vegetable that is brightly colored. Organic fruits and vegetables rich in fiber are beneficial to launch the process of digestion, and being a good source of antioxidants to ward off cancer-causing free radicals.

Drink fruit juice in the morning before breakfast, when the stomach is still empty, and before the lunch hour.

6. Turmeric and Tamarind Drinks

Tamarind drinks are also good consumed to support diet. Tamarind and turmeric, both are good for the body to managed cell metabolism and digestion. Enter this turmeric and tamarind drinks in your diet plans list. And drink 1 glass this turmeric herb, 3 times in a week.

7. Drinking water

Drink water is very important to help the body's metabolic processes. So, the work of the organs on the whole body becomes normal and stay healthy. Drink at least 2 liters of water, or 8-10 glasses per day.

To further accelerate the disposal of belly fat, drinks 2 glasses water after meals.
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