August 05, 2016

5 Bad habits Can Damage Your Skin

To get a clean face skin, shining and smooth, a person often performs a wide variety of skin care, from routine cleaning the face, doing facial, using a face mask, or other treatments. Often people eben to do the expensive cost of care at the beauty clinic. But don't forget that there are some bad habits that can damage your skin.

However, many people are not aware that there are many factors that should be taken to keep the skin healthy, clean, and shining. That is some bad habits that are often made, and unknowingly can damage the skin of face.

5 Bad habits Can Damage Your Skin

Bad habits that you should avoid :

1. Snacking 

Especially if you like fried food be snacking. Eating snack as fried food are indeed delicous. But in fact, fried food often result in skin grow pimples. This habit will eventually cause skin problems at a later date. Not only bother to cure acne, but also need patience to remove the mark. So, avoid snacking fried foods.

2. Chew gum

Chewing gum is indeed sometimes carried out for the purpose of eliminating smel breath. But, according to the dermatologists, the habits of chewing gum, mean doing the same repetitive muscle movements, so that can cause the appearance lines of skin.

3. Smoke

Besides it is not good for healthy, the habit of smoking is also not good for skin of face. Problems that arise can be a spotting on face, moreover the movement constantly suck will make the face especially cheek part will had appeared haggard and seems old.

4. Using mobile phone
A mobile phone is definetily not loose from everyday activities, and certainly often put it in any place and dirty. Did you know, using a mobile phone can also cause acne. Because when we use this cell phone, no doubt it will stick on the cheek, and of course will transfer bacteria to the face area. To avoid this, wipe your phone regularly with antibacterial wipes.

5. Sleep with a dirty pillowcase

Pillowcase that had been used daily, will leave a pile of dead skin cells mixed with dust. So, in a certain time, will result in the dirt stuck to the back of face, and can lead to acne. Change your pillowcase regularly, so that avoid the problems face skin acne, and sleep time also more convenient.

Customs such as the above is indeed simple, but often we do not realize that this can cause problems on the skin of face. If you want to face survives, clean, healthy, acne-free, don't forget to remove this bad habit.

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