August 09, 2016

15 Factors That Causes Infertile in Women and Men

Infertile is a condition where a person or couple who do not get pregnant in at least one year, have intercourse regularly. And for those who have trouble conceiving problems, maybe this article can give a little explanation about your fertility problems. 

These factors are the common cause of Infertile :

15 Factors That Causes Infertile in Women and Men

Infertile in Women :

1. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

This occurs because of the small cysts on the ovaries that can potentially hinder the course of another follicle to grow and mature. This condition is similar to ovulation failure. When there is no mature follicle, it would be difficult to realize the pregnancy. The growth of small cysts is caused by elevated levels of male hormones due to malfunctioning of insulin, and obesity.

2. Obesity

Not all obese women would be hard to be pregnant. However, the condition of obesity excess will likely have an impact on hormonal disorders. For example PCOS or ovulation disorders that also affect the normal menstrual cycle.

3. Ovulation failure

Ovulation failure is a major of cause infertile in women. The ovaries do not produce eggs or infrequent ovulation. The reason could be due to the disruption of hormonal mechanisms, thyroid gland, stress, anorexia nervosa, or heavy exercise. This disorder can be the cause of the failure of egg maturation.

4. Blockage in the fallopian tubes

The cause of difficult pregnancy can occur because there is interference with other reproductive organs, such as blocked fallopian tube. This blockage can occur due to infection of certain infectious disease, or inflammation. So, it appears that clog scarring of the fallopian tubes. The disorders are usually no symptoms, so it is not recognized by the women, and often ignored.

5. The failure of embryo implantation in the uterus

Tumors (cysts, cancer) or fibroid tissue and polyps, and exposure to high doses of radiation can hinder the implantation of fertilized egg, in the uterus. This failure can also be caused by a lack of the progesterone. Low progesterone makes the body less powerful in supporting the pregnancy.

6. Cervical infections

Another possibility is because there are causes that impede sperm transport. E.g vaginal discharge that is too acidic can kill sperm because of the presence of antibodies as an allergic reaction. Vaginal acidity is too high due to the low-level infection, or chemical condition of women body itself, often cause of death of sperm.

7. Abnormal uterine shape

Women uterus has a different shape. But in general, there are two types of uterine shape is Anteflex and Retroflex. Both are the normal uterine shape and are common to all women. Although sometimes, uterus retroflex is a little difficult to get pregnant. Because the uterus facing backward, so that the course of sperm becomes longer.

8. Cysts and Endometriosis

Abnormal tissues growth around the reproductive organs can also cause infertile problems. Abnormal tissue is often called cyst, will affect the reproductive organs. If the cyst grows around the ovaries, may result in failure of ovulation, blocked the fallopian tubes, or cause infection in the uterus around.

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9. TORCH Infection

Infection caused by TORCH (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes) is usually a mild disease, but dangerous in the three months of pregnancy. Not only for the mother, but also for the fetus candidate. The infected fetus may experience miscarriage, even fetal defects, such as multiple disabilities, hearing and vision loss, heart defects or mental retardation.

10. Pelvic inflammatory

This disorder is usually caused by bacterial infection of chlamydia, which is transmitted through sexual intercourse when then causes venereal disease. This infection runs upward toward the cervix and into the fallopian tubes. The symptoms can include pain in the pelvis, pain during sex, and cause trouble conceiving, or can cause ectopic pregnancy.

11. Cervical dysplasia

Dysplasia is the growth of cells that are not reasonable because of a disease, which is actually easy to overcome. E.g infection, inflammation, or cervical erosion. But if ignore it, will be the beginning of cancer. Such cells can inhibit sperm to the cervix. The case of disruption of the cervix is the most papillomavirus (HPV) that cause cervical cancer.

12. Abnormal chromosome

Defects in chromosome could be one of the causes of infertile. This condition can be due to taking since they were born, or it could be a result of exposure to radiation, pollution and exposure to free radicals caused by waste that damages the environment around the cells of the body. The Chromosomal defect will result in fertilization failure or failure embryo implantation in the womb.

13. The egg is not qualified

Egg quality is very important to be able to conceive. The process of fertilization often failed because of the condition of the egg that is not qualified. This condition can result from malnutrition, the age factor, or exposure to environmental toxins and radiation.

Male Infertility :

14. Erection dysfunction

These disorders can be due to problems in blood vessels, such as arteries blocked, or leaking blood vessels in the penis, so the area becomes damage. Not only that, psychological factors can also cause this condition.

15. The sperm is not qualified

Not only egg must be qualified, but the sperm also must have a good quality to get a healthy pregnancy. The point is not qualified, there are abnormal sperm shape and amount to less than the maximum.

To find out the disorders of diseases as described above, you should do a fertility check-up, or consult with a fertility specialist, before or during your planning a pregnancy.

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